Value add

LitCapital is a hands-on investor. Even though our approach is not based on too formal procedures, we have fundamental investment principles. Firstly, we invest a substantial part of our own financial resources and hence we treat all investments as the businesses' owners. Therefore, we put all our efforts to ensure that invested capital earns adequate return. We strive to improve the business of every company in our portfolio by utilizing our previous experience and our network of contacts. We have invested in and managed more than 20 different companies to date. We help to grow the business and increase shareholder's value by helping to identify expansion opportunities, finding new sales channels, exploring possibilities in other markets in Baltic countries, building more effective management team and actively engaging in other company's activities. All of these measures lead to faster growth, increased productivity, enhanced competitiveness and higher profitability.

The distinctive feature of LitCapital's team is that besides extensive experience in the fields of investment management, finance and business consulting, we also have hands-on experience of industrial companies' activities. Also, we have a number of years of experience managing our own businesses. Therefore, LitCapital has broader versatile understanding of each business we invest in. Also we fully realize the true importance of capital value.

We focus on such industries and sectors: electronics, IT, industrial products, services (B2B), cleantech.

Key principles of our investment management approach:

•   We create and implement sound business expansion plan for each company;
•   We streamline business model in all companies. Here lies very big value;
•   We exploit our extensive business network across Nordics and Baltics;
•   We actively work as Board members in all companies we invest into;
•  We pay our attention to the appropriate companies' capital structure and efficient working capital management;
•   We extract big value from our industry experts;
•   We are long term investors and we don't chase short term effects.